Service Team

Immaculate Conception Service Team Update (front of the Bulletin 9/17/17)

The current members of the Service Team are beginning our seventh year together with no sign of slowing down. We meet once per month beginning in August until the following May, with most of our programs centering on the holidays. Each year we try to reach out to as many people as possible, and with the help of our parishioners, we have managed to make a difference in the lives of many people.

A summary of our 2017/2018 Programs

Harvest Bags for Seniors (October-November)

Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners, the “Harvest Bags” program initiated last year was a great success! Fresh fruits and vegetables were provided to seniors in Titus Towers. We have identified several Immaculate Conception members living there and other seniors who will benefit from this program. We will be partnering with Wegman’s again this year. Last year, they provided the reusable bags as well as assistance in ordering the amount of food needed to fill the bags. We are fortunate to have the Youth Group contributing to the program this year by helping to sort and pack up the bags – thank you Rich! The younger children will be creating greeting cards, which will be given to each senior. We expect to have more people signed up this year, based on the interest generated last year. The Service Team will be collecting monetary donations from parishioners over the first 2 weekends in November.

Christmas Program (November-December)

For the second year, we are partnering with Cops, Kids and Toys to provide toys to children throughout Tompkins County as well as keeping our tradition of providing baby items to BirthRight in support of their outreach. Tags will be put up on the Service Team tree on November 18th.

Christmas Cards for Cayuga Ridge (December)

Christmas cards collected from parishioners will be distributed to our seniors at Cayuga Ridge again this year.

Public Policy (February)

We will be collecting signatures in support of the Diocese Public Policy 2018.

Easter (April)

Each year during the Easter season, we remember Immaculate Conception members who are residents of Cayuga Ridge. In previous years, we have provided an inspirational card and small wooden cross from the Holy Land, small frames with bible verses, and other small tokens to let them know we are thinking of them.

Host Coffee Hours twice per year (ongoing)

We welcome new members who are interested in this ministry, and also invite anyone who may not be able to join our committee, but who would like to help out with an event, to contact Kurt Komaromi at or 607-275-9451 or contact the Parish office to join our team!