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PARISH Calendar


Weekly Events:


Food Pantry at 1:00 pm (Parish Hall)

Adult Choir from 5:30 pm -7:30 pm (Church)


Pietra Fitness at 3:00 pm (Parish Hall)

Contemporary Choir from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Church)

Thursdays During Lent (March 7- April 18):

Holy Hour at 11.00 AM and benediction at 12 noon

Fridays During Lent (March 8- April 12):

Stations of the Cross at 6 pm

Good Friday Stations of the Cross (April 19) at 7:00 PM


High School Youth Group at 11:45 am (Youth Center)

Middle School Youth Group at 2:30 pm (Youth Center)

Family Based Religious Ed (monthly per calendar)


Every 2nd & 4th Sundays

Coffee Hour after Sunday Masses

Every 1st Thursday:

Parish Council at 6:00pm (Parish Hall)

Current Parish EVENTS/Opportunities 

Cantata: Friday April 5th at 7pm in the church

The Immaculate Conception Church will again be presenting a Lenten Cantata entitled “Portraits in Grace” by Joseph Martin on Friday, April 5th at 7:00pm. Area Choirs and a Chamber Orchestra will perform this wonderful work that is open and free to the public. About 1 hour. Mark your calendars now. You won’t want to miss this this touching and moving musical performance.

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New Parish App IS HERE!

Our parish app for cell phones is now live. You can download the app through
your app store on your phone and search for myParish App. Or you can simply text App to 88202 for a link to download. Great features like prayers, prayer reminders, parish calendar, news, giving and more. If you have questions or need more help you can contact Rich at the parish office. Share your experience of the new APP with family and friends and invite them
to join us. Many are already happy using it. Don’t be left out!

Ministry Opportunity;

The parishes of our region will extend our ministry to the Tomkins jail. Fr. Joe Macoux has been generously helping for the last several months since the departure of Fr. Gerry SJ, from the Ithaca and Cornell Catholic community. We are looking for individuals who will help do Communion service on a regular basis. Training will be provided for volunteers. Call the parish office for more information. Thank you.

CURRENT Opportunities around the area


NOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIME! From March 6th through April 14th, Ithaca 40 Days for Life, a peaceful, prayerful campaign—will take place right here in Ithaca. Join us in peaceful vigil along the public right-of-way across from Planned Parenthood, 620 W. Seneca St., daily from 7am-7pm. We hope you will consider a 1 or 2 hr prayer vigil per week with your family, a friend, or group. Come and pray together! Easy sign-up on website For more information, contact Mary Anne Tissot, 315-246-7479 (

Retrouvaille—a lifeline for married couples

Are you hurting in your marriage? If your marriage has become troubled or stressed, unloving, or uncaring; if your relationship has grown cold and distant; if you are thinking of separation or divorce, or if you want to try again, then the Retrouvaille Program can help you. For more information call 1-800-470-2230 or visit

Ongoing Faith & Ministry opportunities

Seven Sisters Apostolate

We are in need of two (2) more sisters to pray for the pastor. The mission of the apostolate is to provide “committed prayerful support toward a parish pastor through the assurance of the offering of at least one Holy Hour every day of any given week for that pastor alone—a ‘holy wasting,’ as it were, for the conversion and holiness of that particular priest.” Currently, Tuesdays and Saturdays are open for prayer, and you can choose the hour. If you are interested in learning more, please visit or email April at aprilmichellemichael@gmail.

Collection Counters:

We are in need of volunteers to create another team of counters for our collections. Teams meet at 8:00am Monday mornings at the Parish Center and take care of the counting of our weekend collections. Training will be provided. Please contact the Parish Office. 607-273-6121.


We have some parishioners who are members or associates of this order and they say it has helped them in their faith. If you feel this ministry is calling you, or just need more  information contact Pat Brazo at 607-564-6102.

Music Ministry 

New members for both the 8:30 Contemporary Ensemble and the 10:30 Choir are always needed and welcome! It is also a way for families to participate together. Please contact Gary Vrabel at 273-6121 x102.

Pietra Fitness

Parish Hall, Wednesdays at 3pm

Contact Pat Ober at 273-5277 or

Pietra Fitness

Spiritual Book Club

Are you a young adult or an avid reader of spiritual books? There is an already growing ministry in our parish. The group meets every Sunday afternoon to read, discuss a book/books and draw spiritual lessons to nourish their faith. If you are interested and want to grow in your faith kindly contact Dante Iozzo : for more information.


Meet our Parish Pastoral Council

PPC 2018

Parish Pastoral Council

Our local Church is celebrating 150 years of faith in Christ and mission.

Through the Church we receive rebirth to become the children of God and all the spiritual nourishment needed for our faith journey. Everyone is encouraged to pick up one book produced to mark 150 great years of faith for your family library. This book contains beautiful pictures of the parishes in the Diocese which we are a part of, and a brief history. These churches are sacred buildings. They were built by our ancestors who sacrificed so much. Let’s thank God for the many years of faith in our Diocese and entrust its future in the hands of God. Let’s endeavor to pass on a stronger and solid faith to the next generation. Make a donation for this book to Immaculate Conception Church by Easter Sunday using the blue envelopes inside each book.

Immaculate Conception Icon

The Immaculate Conception Icon, which was so generously given by the Knights of Columbus, and proudly displayed in church for the past weeks, has been placed in it’s permanent spot. It is now hanging in the main office at the Parish Center—what a beautiful way to welcome any visitors to the office and to Immaculate Conception. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for helping secure this Icon for us.

This image of The Blessed Virgin of the Immaculate Conception was obtained by the Supreme Council and has been circulated for viewing amongst the Councils of the Finger Lakes District in the Rochester Diocese. This particular Icon has completed it’s circulation and was looking for a permanent home. After hearing this, Fr. Chumo applied on behalf of our church. The Supreme Executive Committee decided that Immaculate Conception is the rightful place for the Icon and Fr. Chumo accepted it formally at a Holy Hour presentation by a Senior Representative from the State Council.


View our new mission & goals here