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Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows


21 beautiful stained glass windows of the Saints are visible around our church building. To view each window, select from the North and South pages. Here you will find descriptions of the particular Saint and memorial notes.






Vestibule Crucifix

As you enter our Church from the Geneva Street entrance, you will enter our Vestibule. On the left-most portion of our Vestibule are the stairs to our Choir Loft, Organ, and to our Bell Tower. On the right-most portion of the Vestibule there is a large statue of Jesus Crucified. Very little is known about this large Crucifix or who built it or purchased it. There is some suspicion that it may have been from the old Church building.






In total, the Church has four altars though only one is used as the current altar.

Current Marble Altar

The current altar is a marble altar that faces the congregation and sits in front of the High Altar. It was installed in the 1980’s under the supervision of Rev. Bernard Carges. At that time a new marble Ambo or Lectern was installed.

The Sacred Heart Altar on the North side of the Church has a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which was purchased by the Rosary Society in 1880. The altar was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Speno in 1938. Pictures on the altar depict Christ as teacher (with Martha and Mary), as shepherd, as king, and as priest (at Emmaus). The altar once had a tabernacle that was used for Eucharistic Exposition and 40 hours Devotion. It contained a relic of St. Lucinda which was later transferred to the new main altar. It is no longer used as an altar.

The St. Joseph Altar on the South side of the Church has a statue of St. Joseph. The statue was purchased by the Rosary Society and the altar by Mr. and Mrs. Speno as with the Sacred Heart Altar. This altar has engraved altar cards with the Latin Mass written on them. This altar contained a relic of St. Xystus (Sixtus), which was transferred to the new main altar. It is no longer used as an altar.

The High Altar was donated by Mary Collins and faces the East Wall of the Church. It was dedicated in 1937 and contained the relics of St. Innocent, St. Felix, St. Constantius, and St. Reparatus. The tabernacle sits on the center of this altar and above the altar is a large tapestry. It is no longer used as an altar.



Blessed Mother Shrine

A Shrine of the Blessed Mother sits in the South end of the Church where the original Baptismal Font resided (underneath the South Transept). This is a hand-carved statue imported from Italy and donated to the Church in 1987 in memory of the Sturm family. A graceful backdrop for the shrine was designed and donated to the Church by Anton Egner.


Original Tapestry
The original tapestry that sat above our High Altar depicted Mary with the infant Jesus and the Magi in a Medieval Design.

Current Tapestry

Current Tapestry

The current tapestry is of the Assumption of Mary and was made in Belgium. It was installed in 1998.






Choir Loft

Organ with Rose Window

Our Choir Loft contains a traditional (and very old) pipe organ. The pipe organ at Immaculate Conception was built in 1912 by the Tellers-Sommerhoff company of Erie, PA. Various modifications and updates have been made over the years, and the instrument now contains 29 ranks spread across three manuals and pedal. Further information about the organ, including the specifications and layout, can be found in the OHS database.

Above the organ is a Rose Window that has a crown of thorns in the center of it. At times, the light from the Sun can hit the window just right and the crown is superimposed on the altar.