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St George

The stained glass window was donated by Mary Stevens in memory of George Stevens and restored in memory of the Fira and Kowalczyk families.

Not much is known about Saint George. What is known is that he was a Roman soldier who lived during the end of the third and beginning of the fourth century and he was martyred in Palestine in 303 A.D. Legend states that Saint George rescued a maiden in Lybia who was being sacrificed to a dragon. During the rescue Saint George killed the dragon.

Saint George is the Patron Saint of soldiers, Boy Scouts and of England.


St Andrew the Apostle

The stained glass window was donated by Andrew Fahey and family and restored in memory of Charles, Anna and Robert Churey.

Saint Andrew was the brother of Saint Peter. Legend has it that he was crucified on an “X” shaped cross (known as the cross saltire) so he is often depicted with such a cross. He is considered the Patron Saint of Scotland.



St Katherine of Alexandria

The stained glass window was donated by Catherine and John J. Gallagher and restored in memory of the Schaefer and Colbert families.

Saint Katherine (or Saint Catherine) of Alexandria was an early martyr famous for her beauty and intelligence. She opposed idolatry and was so eloquent a speaker that she converted many people (including those in Emperor Maxentius’ Court). Legend has it that the Emperor himself proposed that she marry him but when she refused he had her tortured by having her stretched on a spiked wheel. Miraculously she was saved from the torture but was recaptured and eventually beheaded. She is famous for being one of the voices that was heard by Joan of Arc. She is the Patron Saint of Philosophers, maidens and preachers. She died in 310 A.D.


St Martin of Tours

The stained glass window was donated by Reverend James J. Gibbons and restored in memory of the Dipaoli, Bassanelli and Gausha families.

Saint Martin of Tours was from a region of Europe now known as Hungary and lived from 316 – 397 A.D. He was a soldier in the Roman army who, one day, met a beggar. Seeing that he was cold he cut his robe in half and gave him half. That night, in a dream, Jesus appeared to him as the beggar wearing the half robe. from that moment, he converted to Christianity, becoming a monk, then priest and eventually a Bishop. He was known for his preaching, converting pagans, his visions and for his gift of prophecy. He is one of the patron Saints of France.


St Agnes

The stained glass window was donated by the Junior Sodality of Children of Mary and restored in memory of Aunt Agnes.

Saint Agnes was 12 or 13 years old when she was beheaded for being a Christian and refusing to denounce her faith. She died in 304 A.D. She is the Patron Saint of girls.


St Dominic

The stained glass window was donated by the Rosary Society and restored in memory of the Baldini and Colleyacme families.

Saint Dominic lived from 1170-1221 A.D. He was a simple priest who started working with the Albegensian heretics in France. In the course of his work he developed a simple, from-the-heart preaching style that resonated with people. He is known for his devotion to the Rosary and for founding the Dominican order. Legend says that Mary appeared to him and taught him to say the Rosary by meditating on the biblical “mysteries” of her and her son’s life. He is the Patron Saint of Astronomers.


St Thomas Aquinas

The stained glass window was donated by Patrick Feeley in memory of Thomas Feeley and restored in memory of Anne Custom.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, one of the Doctors of the Church, lived from 1225-1274 A.D. Of noble birth, he rejected a life of riches to become a Dominican. He is noted for his studies and using Aristotle to reason theology. His Magnum Opus, the unfinished Summa Theologia is the basis for modern Catholic Theology. Interestingly, at a later point in his life and while he was still writing Summa Theologiae he had a vision of God as he was saying Mass one day. As a result of this vision he STOPPED writing the Summa. He explained that after seeing God and all his glory that anything he would write from that moment on was merely “straw.”


St Peter

The stained glass window was donated by Mary McAllister in memory of Peter McAllister Sr. and restored in memory of the Kolar and Liguori families.

Saint Peter was one of the 12 apostles and the “rock” on which Jesus built his Church. Peter’s real name was Simon and he was a married fisherman (perhaps well-off). After Pentecost Peter went about the known world teaching of the Risen Christ. He became Bishop of Antioch for a while and then went to Rome. Tradition says that he was  crucified in Rome on Vatican Hill. Confirmed by archeologists, his bones are confirmed to be buried at St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican.


North Transept

The North Transept near the north side altar contains several connected stained glass windows as pictured to the left. These were restored in memory of the Schano family.

The top window is circular and shaped like a rose. Windows such as this were very popular in the 12th century. The window depicts Christ as the Celestial Lamb from the Book of Revelation and is surrounded by Angels.

Below the rose window are four large scenes from the life of Jesus. Moving from top left are the Baptism of Jesus by John, The Call of Peter and Andrew, The Sermon on the Mount and the Wedding Feast at Cana.