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St Teresa of Avila

The stained glass window was donated by Patrick Clynes in memory of Cecelia Clynes and restored in memory of the Rudan and Heuchert families.

St. Teresa lived in Spain from 1515-1582 A.D. She carries the rosary and a feather pen as her symbols. She is known for her intense prayer and for literary output. She is one of the first women to be proclaimed as a Doctor of the Church.

She was a contemplative who wrote about her ecstasies, one of which was that her heart was pierced with the spirit of divine love. In the Middle Ages, she founded a convent of Carmelite Nuns (a strict order) and spent the rest of her life managing the order and writing books like The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle.

She is the Patron Saint of headache sufferers.


St Anne

The stained glass window was donated by Ann McNamara and family and restored in memory of Magdalene and Joseph Benedict.

St. Anne does not appear in the bible but is named in an apocryphal gospel called theProtoevangelium of James along with her husband Joachim. Even so, her story is part of Church Tradition. She is the mother of Mary (the mother of Jesus). Tradition tells us that she was a barren woman to whom an angel appeared and promised her that God would give her a child. In reply, Anne promised to dedicate her child to God.


St Aloysius Gonzaga

The stained glass window was donated by pupils of Immaculate Conception School and restored in memory of Raphael and Marie Babbaro and family.

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga lived from 1568-1591 A.D. He was a noble who, as a youth, rebelled against his family by preferring missionary work among the Jesuits rather than being a soldier. He is the Patron Saint of young students and Catholic youth.


St Anthony of Padua

The stained glass window was donated by Margaret Ford in memory of James and Mary Ford and restored in memory of the Sturm family.

Saint Anthony of Padua was from Portugal and lived from 1195-1231 A.D. He was a Franciscan known for his inspired preaching and had a remarkable memory for the Bible. He was called a “Wonder Worker” because of the miracles that he had performed and is often depicted in pictures holding the child Jesus because he is said to have had a vision where Jesus appeared to him as a little child. He is the Patron Saint of the poor.


St Francis de Sales

The stained glass window was donated by Reverend A.J. Evans. in memory of John and Mary Evans and restored in memory of Dorothy and John Hornick.

Saint Francis de Sales was a Bishop and devotional writer. He is a Doctor of the Church and is known for his work with the Calvinists, bringing many back to the Church. He was part of the movement know as the Counter-Reformation which sought to reform the Church and bring back  those that had left the Church during the Reformation. He founded orders, schools and academies. He is the Patron Saint of the Catholic Press.


St Patrick

The stained glass window was donated by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and restored in memory of the Irish.

Saint Patrick lived from 385-461 A.D. He was the son of a Roman-British official. At the age of 16, he was captured by Irish raiders and lived as a slave in Ireland. He escaped after eight years of captivity and eventually returned to Ireland as a Bishop. He traveled the length and breadth of Ireland meeting fierce opposition from the Druids and tribal Chieftains. His knowledge of Gaelic, the customs of the people and with the help of God, he was able to convert much of the island to Christianity. Legend states that he chased all of the snakes from Ireland which is depicted in our stained glass window below.


St Mary Magdalen

The stained glass window was donated by Mary Furey in memory of Matthew, Michael and Frank Furey and restored in memory of Al Ciaschi.

Saint Mary Magdalen was one of Jesus’ disciples. Jesus healed her of possession by seven demons. She was present at the crucifixion and went to the tomb to find it empty. It is she that Jesus appears to first after the Resurrection. It is considered significant by Biblical scholars that the Gospels make this point since the testimony of a woman was not viewed as being valid. The Gospel writers must have been telling the truth as they would otherwise be hurting their case by insisting that Mary was the first witness to the Resurrection.

Usually, in images, she carries an ointment jar. She is sometimes associated with Mary, the sister of Lazarus, but that Mary was likely someone else. Also, she is sometimes thought of as the adulteress in John 8:1-12 but there is no biblical proof for that assumption.


St Cecelia

The stained glass window was donated by Julia Graham in memory of Patrick and Catherine Graham and restored in memory of Angus Mac Isaac.

Saint Cecelia was an early Christian martyr who took a vow of perpetual chastity and was able to convince her fiance (a pagan) and his brother to honor it. In fact, she converted both of the to Christianity. All three of them were put to death. She died a lingering death from a botched beheading. She is the Patron Saint of musicians since it is said that on her wedding day she did not hear the merry-making around her, but instead heard the singing of God in her heart.


St Ignatius Loyola

The stained glass window was donated by the Temperance Society.

Saint Ignatius Loyola was a Spanish Saint who lived from 1491-1556 A.D. He founded The Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits to reform the Church. A wealthy man and soldier, Ignatius discovered Jesus while recovering from war wounds. Besides founding the Jesuits, Saint Ignatius  is also known for his Spiritual Exercises, which are still practiced today. Saint Ignatius is considered the Patron Saint of religious retreats.


St Vincent de Paul

The stained glass window was donated by the Catholic Benevolent Legion.

Saint Vincent de Paul was a French Saint who lived from 1580-1660 A.D. He began his career as a parish priest devoted to easy living, but after ministering to peasants and convicts he decided to dedicate his life to the poor. He founded the Vincentians, the Sisters of Charity and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society all of which served the poor.


St Columban

The stained glass window was donated by the  Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Saint Columban was an Irish Saint who lived from 540-615 A.D. HE founded many monasteries and spread the faith throughout Europe. He opposed the practices of King Theodoric of Burgundy who became Columban’s continual adversary as he worked for religious reform.


St Paul

The stained glass window was donated by the Holy Name Society

Saint Paul is probably the most famous follower of Jesus besides Saint Peter. Paul was originally named Saul and studied under the famous Jewish rabbi, Gamaliel in Jerusalem. Saul was a tent-maker, a pharisee and an avid persecutor of Christians. On the road to Damascus (on his way to persecute Christians) Saul was struck down and had a vision of Jesus. That experience changed Saul and he became an ardent follower of Jesus. He changed his name to Paul and became an apostle to the Gentiles. His letters to the many church communities and to his friends are part of the New Testament. The early Church Fathers record that Paul was executed by the order of the Roman Emperor, Nero, on the same day as Peter in 67 A.D. by way of beheading.