Sacrament Registration

St. Thomas Aquinas referred to Confirmation as a sacrament of maturity.  So, some people think Confirmation makes you an adult in the Church.  It does not.  Some think it means they have completed their religious education.  It does not.

The maturity that St. Thomas Aquinas referred was not about adulthood but a higher awareness of our faith.  Most Catholics are baptized as infants by their parents’ request.  The parents want God to be part of the child’s life from an early age.  As the child grows, they develop their own awareness of God and faith.  They begin to think for themselves and begin to come to faith on a personal level.

While Confirmation comes with readiness associated with this maturity, it does not mean we have learned all we need to learn about our faith.  There is always more knowledge to learn and there are always new situations that arise during one’s lifetime that we need to make decisions about with our faith in mind.

Students wishing to be Confirmed must be enrolled in either a Catholic school or the parish youth ministry program.

Confirmation in the Diocese of Rochester is a two year process beginning no sooner than eighth grade.  The registration process begins in mid-August and classes begin in late September.  There are 17 classes per year, a day retreat each year, and service projects.  Please see the brochure below for more information.

Confirmation Sponsors must be fully-initiated practicing Catholics, at least 16 years old, and have no canonical impediments to serving as a Sponsor.

For questions about sacramental preparation or for any adult wishing to receive Confirmation, please contact Father Chumo or Rich Rasmussen, Pastoral/Catechetical Leader.

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