Parish Pastoral Council

September 24, 2017

Dear parishioners, Greetings from the Immaculate Conception Parish Pastoral Council! We have begun a new year of PPC meetings just this month. We are eager to represent you and your ideas, and to offer meaningful ways for people to connect while strengthening our parish. Four new members have joined the Council— Dante Iozzo, Rob Kotaska, Rick Kuhar, and Pat Ober. Seven other PPC members are continuing on from last year. One more is needed to make 12. Could that be you? Our September meeting was lively! In the months ahead, the Council will focus on four goals: making spiritual opportunities abundant and centered on the Eucharist, intentional outreach to all groups; seek ways and means to diversify youth ministry and ensure financial security of our parish. Remember that the PPC represents the larger parish. Your good thoughts, intentions, information, and new ideas are welcome. In fact, we begin the year with a new initiative: a LIVE Voice from the Pew. Instead of writing in a small space on the white cards that are in each pew, we invite you to drop in on the monthly Parish Council meeting, and let us know your thoughts in person. Starting with the October 5th meeting, beginning at 6:00 p.m., you may come and share whatever you like. Time will be allotted at the beginning of the meeting for this purpose. Remarks will be brought to the appropriate committee, person, or staff member for discussion and follow-up. Sound like a good idea? We think so, and hope you will too. Please take note: We kick-off the fall with our Parish Picnic to be held Sunday, September 24 from noon to 3 p.m. Good friends will share good food downstairs in Carges Hall and outdoors in the parking lot. We hope you will join us. My very best regards to each of you for the coming year— Lynne Conway Chair, Parish Pastoral Council