Outreach Ministries

There are many ways to volunteer your time and talent to our Parish and we welcome your gifts with open arms! If you would like to serve in one of these ministries, please reach out to the contact person directly.

Ministry Contact Person Email
Area Congregations Together (A.C.T) Kitchen Cupboard Mary Ellsworth
Birthright Beth Janowsky call Birthright at:

(607) 272-9070

Cayuga Ridge Nursing Home Ministries Mary Ellsworth
Evangelization Team Mary Edsall-Golway megolway@aol.com
Homebound Ministry Father Chumo Fr.Augustine.Chumo@dor.org
Immaculate Conception Food Pantry Joan & John McQueeney jjmcqueeney74@gmail.com
Respect Life Committee Carolann Darling 607-351-6668
Samaritan Center/Catholic Charities Virginia Ubari (Director of Samaritan Center) vubari@dor.org
Service Team Margaret Rolfe munchkinlady1@yahoo.com