Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries are those groups who minster to and with individuals in our community. See Parish Goals #2. If you would like to serve in one of these ministries, please contact the person listed below.

An image of 4 people in a row with their arms entwined. See Goal #2 Community Outreach

MinistryContact PersonContact Information
Area Congregations Together (A.C.T) Kitchen CupboardMary Ellsworth 
BirthrightBeth Janowskycall Birthright at:

 (607) 272-9070

Cayuga Ridge Nursing Home MinistriesDante Iozzo 
Evangelization TeamMary Edsall-Golwaymegolway@aol.com
Homebound MinistryFather ChumoFr.Augustine.Chumo@dor.org
Immaculate Conception Food PantryDenise Robinson
Ted Capogrossi
Prayer Shawl MinistryDinah Collinsdinahmcollins@gmail.com
Respect Life CommitteeCarolann Darling607-351-6668
Samaritan Center at Catholic CharitiesMichaela Cortright Michaela.Cortright@dor.org
Service TeamMargaret Rolfemunchkinlady1@yahoo.com