Parish Life Ministries

There are many groups at Immaculate Conception Parish with the purpose to maintain our physical environment and provide a welcoming community with abundant spiritual opportunities. See Parish Goal #1. If you are feeling called to help with one (or more) of these ministries, please reach out to the individual in the chart below.

Image of Jesus breaking and sharing bread, depicting Goal #1: Abundant Spiritual Opportunities

Ministry Contact Person Contact Information
Baptismal WelcomingMaureen
Building & GroundsPaul
Carmelite OrderPat Brazo607-564-6102
Caring Team MinistryFather Chumo

Sister Edna

Cursillo Ultreyas Barb Manning
Hospitality MinistryMary Edsall-Golway

Dinah Collins

Knights of ColumbusMike Rutske
Knights of Columbus AuxiliaryDinah
Mercy Associates Mary Edsall-Golway
Dinah Collins
Missions & RetreatsFather
Pietra FitnessPat
Phone MinistryFather Chumo

 Sister Edna

Seven Sisters ApostolateApril
Small Christian Communities Father Chumo