We attend Immaculate Conception because we have found parents with whom to share the struggles and triumphs of raising children in the Catholic faith.

Immaculate Family

We attend and participate in the parish life of Immaculate Conception because it is a traditional and welcoming parish that reflects the wonderful diversity of the Ithaca community. You could say that Immaculate is a microcosm of the Ithaca community. Immaculate offers the full Catholic experience–from pre-K schooling to ultimately a Catholic cemetery.

Adult Parishioner

Immaculate Conception church is our family church.  This to me means a place that I have grown up going to, a place I got married in, a place I baptized my sons in, and a place my sons received their First Holy Communion and Confirmation in.  It isn’t just a church, it is the house of God and my home too.  I love seeing familiar faces each time I enter the church, and I feel so comfortable and welcomed.  Going to church at Immaculate has become a part of who I am and I truly love it!

Lifetime Parishioner

I’ve lived in Ithaca for 31 years. At first I bounced around from local parish to parish, but I settled on Immaculate Conception primarily because of its traditional appearance and approach to our faith. It reminds me of the church I grew up in. My fellow parishioners are friendly  and I feel very much at home in our church.

Longtime Parishioner