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Cemetery Information

We invite you to visit our cemeteries. Scroll down the page for a photo gallery and directions to Mount Olivet Cemetery or Calvary Cemetery.  There are no further plots available at Mount Olivet Cemetery. For information regarding burial plots and rates at Calvary Cemetery, please contact our Cemetery Manager, Mike.

Mike Moravec

Cemetery Manager

(607) 272-5780

Through the seasons

Cemetery Photo Gallery

The cemetery corner

Cemetery Committee News and Updates

January 2021

Contributing to the care of our cemeteries

Offering for the Cemeteries

stone with the words In Loving Memory

To honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place. 

This donation for the cemetery goes towards our facilities maintenance so our cemeteries will be maintained with the highest standards of care so the memories of those interred may be visited in comfort and dignified respect.

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Cemetery Directions

Calvary Cemetary

Mount Olivet Cemetery