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Photo by Jim Moravec

We invite you to visit our cemeteries. Scroll down the page for a photo gallery and directions to Mount Olivet Cemetery or Calvary Cemetery.  There are no further plots available at Mount Olivet Cemetery. For information regarding burial plots and rates at Calvary Cemetery, please contact our Cemetery Manager, Mike.

Mike Moravec

Cemetery Manager

(607) 272-5780

The Cemetery Corner

Cemetery Committee News and Updates


The parish is still looking for volunteers to join our cemetery committee. The parish owns two cemeteries: Calvary and Mt. Olivet. These cemeteries are very important entities of our parish. Our loved ones are buried in these cemeteries. They are important places of prayers and keeping memoirs of our family members who have gone before us. If you are interested to serve, please call the parish office at (607) 273-6121.

Update October 2022

The Cemetery Committee is pleased to report that progress continues to be made with the purchase of a columbarium & construction of a cremation garden at Calvary Cemetery. Unfortu nately, the purchase of the columbarium is experiencing “supply chain” issues like other major purchases. The columbarium supplier has advised that while the granite structure is com plete, the interior aluminum niche compart ments will not be delivered until mid November. Due to this issue, a new projected delivery of the columbarium will be the end of November. We have hired a contractor to pour a 60-foot walkway from the driveway to the columbarium unit & a circular stamped concrete apron around the columbarium. They have advised that the concrete work should be done after the columbarium is set on the existing foundation. Due to this unforeseen delay, they advise us to wait until next Spring to do the concrete work after the columbarium has been set. While this is disappointing, we feel that this is the best way to go to ensure that we have a top quality installation. After the unit is delivered, we invite parish and community members to visit the site to see the columbarium. The committee will provide an update to the parish community when Rock of Ages installs the unit. For more information on the Cremation Garden and columbarium, brochures are now available on the table in the Parish Hall for those interested in learning more about purchasing a niche.

Columbarium Project

May 2022: Our columbarium project at Calvary Cemetery continues to make great progress. Today we would like to present our initial pricing schedule. Remember, we are procuring a 96 niche columbarium. There are 4 sides to this unit, each side has 24 niches, 4 across and 6 high. Each side faces a different direction (north, east, south or west). Each single niche is 12”x1”x24” deep and will hold the cremains of 2 persons. There are 4 “double niches” that measure 12” high x 24” wide x 24” deep that will hold 4 cremation urns. The doubles are located one on each side. Our initial price is $2,000 per niche, $4,000 for a double niche. Each niche will have a bronze family nameplate included in the cost. There are no extra fees for later opening a niche, placement of the urn(s) or sealing of the niche. And $200 of each purchase goes directly into a restricted Permanent Maintenance Fund for the future maintenance of the columbarium should the cemetery be unable to properly maintain the property, or eventually close. Those who purchase early have the choice/preference of selecting the location of their niche. We expect our columbarium will be ready for burial use by this fall. Please contact our cemetery manager, Mike Moravec, at 607-272-5780 if you are interested in purchasing a niche, or if you have further questions.

Picture of illustration for cremation garden with stone walkway surrounded by trees and headstones on either side

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Photos by Jim Moravec

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Offering for the Cemeteries

To honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place. 

This donation for the cemetery goes towards our facilities maintenance so our cemeteries will be maintained with the highest standards of care so the memories of those interred may be visited in comfort and dignified respect.

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