Columbarium with trees

We invite you to visit our cemeteries. Scroll down the page for a photo gallery and directions to Mount Olivet Cemetery or Calvary Cemetery.  There are no further plots available at Mount Olivet Cemetery. For information regarding burial plots and rates at Calvary Cemetery, please contact our Cemetery Manager, Mike.

Mike Moravec

Cemetery Manager

(607) 272-5780

Limited Time Offer

This 10% off pricing for columbarium niches and Cremation Garden plots runs from May 24, 2024 through June 30, 2024. See additional details in the advertisement included.
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Advertisement text as follows: Limited Time Offer Plan Ahead with Us Today & Save 10%. We invite you to visit Calvary Cemetery, 636 Five Mile Drive, Ithaca for a closer look at our Columbarium and Cremation Garden. Receive a 10% discount on all Columbarium niches and 10% discount on all Cremation Garden plots. ALL PRIOR SALES EXCLUDED. LIMIT ONE DISCOUNT PER PURCHASE. Discount pricing now through June 30, 2024. Call Mike at the Cemetery Office for discounted prices (607) 272-5780. Proudly owned & operated by Immaculate Conception Church.

Cemetery Committee News and Updates

5 people stand in front of a columbarium at the cemetery
Cemetery Committee members Curt Ashman, Jim Moravec, Mary Alo, Kathy Teeter, and Mike Moravec stand by the new Columbarium. July 20, 2023. Photo courtesy of the Cemetery Committee.

May 2024

Our Cemetery grounds are in full bloom ! The picture included shows the progress we have made on the Columbarium Garden. The hedges, lawns and trees are in full spring color. Also, we now have samples of 2 and 4-niche family columbariums that can be purchased and placed in the Columbarium Garden. Stone benches surrounding the Columbarium are also available for anyone wishing to memorialize a family or individual. Our Memorial Day Mass at the cemetery is scheduled for 9 am Monday May 27th ( at Church in case of rain ). There will be a special promotional 10% discount on the purchase of a Columbarium niche or plot in the garden from May 24 through June 5 . Please come out and visit Calvary Cemetery to see these beautiful improvements, or just to share a prayer with a deceased friend or family member. Contact Mike Moravec, our Cemetery Manager, at 607-272-5780, for further information. Our Cemetery Committee welcomes your feedback, ideas or questions. The Cemetery section of the Parish website will soon have several more pictures and further information on the upcoming promotional Columbarium pricing.

Columbarium and Cremation Garden Brochure

Columbarium straight on
Columbarium spring shot
Columbarium with bench
Columbarium Cremation Garden
Wideshot of columbarium
family columbarium
family columbarium

Columbarium Dedication and Blessing

Fr. Augustine Chumo, Pastor, and Deacon George Kozak of Immaculate Conception Church led a group of parishioners and friends in prayers as they blessed and formally dedicated the new columbarium at Calvary Cemetery, 638 Five Mile Drive, Ithaca, NY on All Souls Day.

Priest blesses Columbarium

In January 1894, a farm on Five Mile Drive was purchased by the church and the land was used to open Calvary Cemetery. For over 125 years, Calvary Cemetery has been the preferred resting place for Catholic and other Christian families from across Tompkins County. The Cemetery is owned and cared for by Immaculate Conception Church.

Contributing to the care of our cemeteries

Offering for the Cemeteries

To honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place. 

This donation for the cemetery goes towards our facilities maintenance so our cemeteries will be maintained with the highest standards of care so the memories of those interred may be visited in comfort and dignified respect.

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