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Calvary Cemetery entrance in July
Calvary Cemetery entrance in July.

We invite you to visit our cemeteries. Scroll down the page for a photo gallery and directions to Mount Olivet Cemetery or Calvary Cemetery.  There are no further plots available at Mount Olivet Cemetery. For information regarding burial plots and rates at Calvary Cemetery, please contact our Cemetery Manager, Mike.

Mike Moravec

Cemetery Manager

(607) 272-5780

Cemetery Committee News and Updates

5 people stand in front of a columbarium at the cemetery
Cemetery Committee members Curt Ashman, Jim Moravec, Mary Alo, Kathy Teeter, and Mike Moravec stand by the new Columbarium. July 20, 2023. Photo courtesy of the Cemetery Committee.


Good News ! We have sold 20 niches in our new Columbarium since it opened in July 2023. Most name plates have been installed, it looks beautiful. This new revenue allowed the cemetery to operate with a positive net income for the 6 months ending December 31, 2023. Thanks to all who have purchased niches in the Columbarium as their final resting place in our cemetery. There are about 70 niches still available. Our next phase of development will be the sale and placement of 4 memorial granite stone benches (48” long and 14” wide ) at the 4 corners of the Columbarium platform. Each memorial bench is being offered for $4,500, with some of the proceeds being invested for future cemetery capital projects. Anyone interested in purchasing a bench to memorialize a person, or family, should contact the cemetery manager. Later in the Spring we will be installing samples of the headstones for in ground burial of cremains, as well as samples of individual family Columbariums (holding 2 or 4 cremation urns) that will be available for purchase in the Columbarium Garden. Pictures of these new items will be available soon at the cemetery office and will be included in upcoming cemetery updates. Please visit the cemetery to see our progress. Thanks for your continuing support of Calvary Cemetery.

Columbarium and Cremation Garden Brochure

Garden Columbarium with shrubs
Cremation garden with columbarium
Cremation garden with sunset view

Columbarium Dedication and Blessing

Fr. Augustine Chumo, Pastor, and Deacon George Kozak of Immaculate Conception Church led a group of parishioners and friends in prayers as they blessed and formally dedicated the new columbarium at Calvary Cemetery, 638 Five Mile Drive, Ithaca, NY on All Souls Day.

Priest blesses Columbarium

In January 1894, a farm on Five Mile Drive was purchased by the church and the land was used to open Calvary Cemetery. For over 125 years, Calvary Cemetery has been the preferred resting place for Catholic and other Christian families from across Tompkins County. The Cemetery is owned and cared for by Immaculate Conception Church.

Through the seasons

Cemetery Photo Gallery

Photos by Mary Alo, Jim Moravec, Mia Rasmussen

Contributing to the care of our cemeteries

Offering for the Cemeteries

To honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place. 

This donation for the cemetery goes towards our facilities maintenance so our cemeteries will be maintained with the highest standards of care so the memories of those interred may be visited in comfort and dignified respect.

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