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Catholic Ministries Appeal

Thank you for your Donations to the CMA

We have AMAZING NEWS! Immaculate Conception has reached 100% of our goal for this years CMA! We thank you all for your prayerful support and those of you who were able to give financially this endeavor.

The 2021/22 Catholic Ministries Appeal theme “Forward In Faith” is focusing on charitable giving, stewardship of the church and its resources, investing in our youth and future faith leaders, and opportunities to be merciful to those in need in our communities.

The Diocese of Rochester Catholic Ministries Appeal directly supports education for seminarians, those discerning and studying to become deacons, and those participation in pastoral leadership development programs. This support is important for the future of the church ensuring there are sufficient servants in ministry to care for our needs. Immaculate Conception currently has two men who are following the call to be deacons. Frederick “Rick” Burgess and Matthew Hall. Please pray for their success.
Giving Opp

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$ 58317
CMA Goal for Immaculate Conception Parish
Our Progress Toward the CMA Goal
$58,317 100%

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

2 Corinthians 11

Thank you for participating!

Online Giving

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Sunday Offering

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  • The Sunday Offertory is used for the day-to-day operation of the parish and its programs. You may set up a one-time or recurring donation to our parish.
  • One-time or recurring options

Buildings & Grounds

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  • Our Monthly Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Fund Collection is used for the purpose of meeting building and maintenance expenses for Immaculate Conception Parish. Thank you for your contributions to keep our facilities in good repair and running smoothly.
  • One-time or recurring options

Cemetery Offering

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  • This donation for the cemetery goes towards our facilities' maintenance so our cemeteries will be maintained with the highest standards of care so that the memories of those interred may be visited in comfort and dignified respect to honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place.
  • One-time or recurring options

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Our Finance Council

Enabling Financial Transparency

The main purpose of the Parish Finance Council is to assist the pastor as an advisory committee with parish finances. It also provides advice & recommendations to the Finance Director and the Pastoral (Parish) Council as needed.

Chair: Kathy Teeter
Members: Lyn Mazza, Pete Romani, John Beach

The Finance Council meets on a monthly basis and periodically reviews parish financial reports, such as budgets, balance sheets, and income statements. It also provides advice on management of parish finances and reviews parish investments. Results of Diocesan audits are reviewed by the Finance Council, significant gifts or bequests are discussed, and assistance is given in setting parish financial priorities. Meetings are held monthly.

Thank you Kathy Teeter! Thank you volunteers!

Would you like to join the Finance Team?

Are you interested in learning more about the Finance Council?

Email Father Chumo

Financial Reports

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Explore Volunteer Opportunities

Time and Talent

There are many ways that you can share your time and talent with us. Consider one of the opportunities on our volunteer page or contact us to offer your service.