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Welcome to Immaculate Conception Church! We are a Roman Catholic Church located at 113 N. Geneva Street in Ithaca, NY. This is where we gather to meet as brothers and sisters to worship and encounter our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to make our parish a community of God’s love and communion of hearts. 

December 8 Events:


A parish is our spiritual home. This is where receive rebirth to become the children of God and get spiritual nourishment needed for our faith journey. Many people look up to us to find hope. As we prepare to celebrate our parish feast day on December 8th with our Bishop, we shall do a Novena with special thematic intentions for our faith community. One Hail Mary will be said after each intention. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the novena. You can do it at home with your family.

Beginning 12/1, each day for nine days:
12/1 Faith growth and deepening
12/2 Healing from the past misdeeds
12/3 Peace and reconciliation
12/4 More vocations in our diocese
12/5 Youth and young families
12/6 Unity in our nation
12/7 Refuges and migrants
12/8 Seniors and the home bound of our parish
12/9 Mass of Thanksgiving with the Bishop to conclude.

Remember, our parish feast day is December 8! Bishop Matano will preside at Mass at 10:00am. Please plan on attending. It is a blessing to have the Bishop come on our feast day. Mark your calendars.

Expanded Opportunity for Reconciliation During Advent. On Saturday, December 8th our Pastor, Fr. Chumo and our retreat facilitator, Fr. Dennis Billy will both be available for confessions from 2:00p.m. until 4:15p.m. in church. We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity.

We invite you to Visit Us for our Liturgies, Services, and for our Parish Events and join in our Mission:

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church celebrates the Eucharist and proclaims the gospel—in worship through our love of God and for each other and with our ministry to the marginalized. We journey together in our faith, united by our trust in Christ’s love and mercy and the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks for visiting our website. Contact us if you need anything. God bless.


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We attend and participate in the parish life of Immaculate Conception because it is a traditional and welcoming parish that reflects the wonderful diversity of the Ithaca community. You could say that Immaculate is a microcosm of the Ithaca community. Immaculate offers the full Catholic experience–from pre-K schooling to ultimately a Catholic cemetery.

Adult Parishioner

We attend Immaculate Conception because we have found parents with whom to share the struggles and triumphs of raising children in the Catholic faith.

Immaculate Family